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Yerba Mate Drinks

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Better For Yourself
50mg of caffeine
Naturally infused with Yerba Maté leaves. The equivalent of an espresso, with the sweetness of tea and the euphoria of chocolate.
Super Antioxidant
Yerba mate is even more antioxidant than green tea!
Herbal. Simple ingredients. Detoxifying.
Social & environmental responsibility
Through Mate Libre, we share with you our love of quality products and our values ​​for natural ingredients, social and environmental responsibility. Discover how: Fair + Sustainable Engagements
Zero Carbon Delivery
All of our deliveries in the greater Montreal region are carbon-free. The planet matters.
Zero Plastic in our packaging
We are removing plastic from our packaging by the end of 2022
Certified Organic
No fertilizers, chemical pesticides or GMO ingredients are used in the production of Mate Libre.
Certified Fair Trade
It is very important to us to know that everyone involved in the production of Mate Libre is treated with social and economic respect.
We donate part of our sales to the workers' association which harvests our yerba mate. The funds are used, among other things, for the purchase of school materials and community activities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yerba Mate

  1. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
  2. Can boost energy and increase mental alertness
  3. Can help weight loss
  4. Can increase bone density
  5. Can help stimulate the immune system
  6. Reduces blood sugar levels
  7. May reduce your risk of heart disease
Read More About Yerba Mate Benefits

Ilex paraguariensis, by its botanical name, or yerba maté, is a tree that grows in southern countries of South America, mainly Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Yerba Mate leaves are naturally caffeinated and picked and dried for consumption, traditionally infused in a calabash (small container), using the bombilla (filtering straw) and by adding hot water.

Mate Libre uses these same leaves to offer a refreshing, tangy, floral, slightly sweet and energizing beverage. Learn more about what is Yerba Mate

Absolutely! Like coffee or tea, yerba mate is definitely safe to drink every day and locals in South America drink anywhere between 1-4 litres of a day. While we don’t recommend drinking THAT much (especially for those not used to drinking caffeine) feel free to incorporate yerba mate drinks into your daily routine!

Yerba Mate is drinkable at many--if not all--- times and occasions except before bed (or afternoon nap!). As it is naturally caffeinated, Yerba Mate beverages are the perfect replacement for your morning coffee, an ideal digestive after lunch to avoid a food-coma, or an evening pick-me-up before a night out as an alternative to other energy drinks!

Mate Libre Yerba Mate drinks are plant-based with clean, simply and sustainably sourced ingredients. They contain 45 mg of caffeine and are naturally infused with Yerba Maté leaves. Think of it as the equivalent of an espresso, with the sweetness of tea and the euphoria of chocolate

Mate Libre Yerba Mate drinks are better than energy drinks because they are made with a naturally occurring caffeine infused from the Yerba Maté leaves. Mate Libre drinks will leave you feeling energized in about 15-30 minutes without the jittery, anxious buzz commonly experienced after other energy drinks.

You can buy Yerba Mate online by visiting our Yerba Mate products page. Mate Libre is also available across Canada through a huge selection of retailers! Buy Yerba Mate in Montreal, Toronto, and across Canada today. Learn more about where you can buy Yerba Mate.

- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Orange juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Orange blossom water
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic agave syrup
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Rose water
- Organic hibiscus extract
- Yerba mate infusion
- Organic cane sugar
- Organic passion fruit juice concentrate
- Lime juice concentrate
- Natural flavour
- Yerba mate infusion (water, organic yerba mate)
- Organic agave syrup
- Lime juice concentrate
- Organic lemon juice concentrate
- Chlorophyll
- Organic mint oil
- Organic and Fair Trade Yerba Mate Infusion (Carbonated Water, Yerba Mate)
- Organic Lemon Juice
- Organic Ginger Juice
- Organic and Fair Trade Hibiscus
- Sugarcane Reb M